Let's try making the translucent, three-dimensional Iris flower!

Required Technical Level: Middle to Advanced level~

Dye ultra-thin fabrics of various sizes and assemble the petals on a unique base to create a three-dimensional appearance. In addition, you will learn how to make iris leaves.

You Can Learn

Dyeing and Making Petals

You will learn how to dye fabrics and make an iris flower with various types of petals using thin and light fabrics.

Making The Iris Flower

You will learn how to place the petals three-dimensionally on the base and how to make iris thin leaves using wires and cords.

Arranging Into A Kanzashi

You will learn how to tightly assemble the three flowers and leaves on Kanzashi using silk thread.

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The access period for this course is one year from the date you sign up.

Our Curriculum

Iris Flower for Japanese

Iris is a graceful flower that brightens up the early summer. And this flower is deeply rooted in the life of ancient Japan.

The use of iris flowers as hair accessories has a long history for the Japanese and is mentioned in the Manyoshu, a collection of poetry compiled 1,200 years ago.
The Manyoshu contains a poem written in Manyogana (Japanese phonetic alphabet) as "Ayamegusa" ("ayame-gu-sa").