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ITA Official Teacher is the person who agrees with ITA(International Tsumami zaiku Association)'s philosophy and has the will to carry on and develop the traditional Japanese tsumami zaiku techniques, and .has reached the standards of the traditional techniques.

Teachers promote tsumami zaiku through various activities such as creation and sales, workshops, and other activities as artists and instructors in various countries.

We are seeking for more people to join our team!

Let`s spread the tsumami zaiku lovers around the world and pass on this beautiful Japanese art to the next generation! 

Certified Teacher's Profiles
Eva Lalibert

- France -

I have a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language, Literature and Culture and for as far as I can remember, I have always been interested in Asian garments and Japanese animation (without knowing it).

I encountered tsumami zaiku on my first trip to Japan in 2015 and had to wait until my third trip to Japan in 2018 to finally learn how to make tsumami zaiku, as I did not know what it was called.


Camreon Bogan

-United States of America-

I am a professional kimono dresser, photographer and makeup artist - with over 12 years of experience - working in New York City. I lived in Japan for nearly five years and graduated from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, where I began KiraKira Artistry LLC. At KiraKira Artistry LLC, I feel privileged to be able to share the beauty of kimono and tsumami kanzashi with my clients and colleagues. In my free time, I also have enjoyed learning the arts of wasai, temari, kotsuzumi and Nihon Buyo.


Pricilla Yoga Ratnapalasari


Ever since I was young I have loved Japanese pop culture, such as anime and manga. Japanese traditional clothing such as kimono and hakama always have special spot in my heart. One day I got the chance to buy a yukata, but then I realized something is missing… a hairpiece, kanzashi. I started researching the many types of kanzashi, and I fell in love with Tsumami Zaiku kanzashi. The intricate design, the meticulous process, the meanings behind every ornament, it’s just perfect!


李 阳 Cecil Lee


I’m a Jewelry designer and silk flower designer with over 15 years of experience work in Beijing of China. My individual studies brand is 善願之花,its means "best wishes of the flowers ". Now I’m full time for the formation of artistic creation and processes in Beijing.


Renee Johnson

-United States of America-

I am a fiber artist that has been exploring ways to re-purpose vintage and antique fabrics. Although this has been my main focus for the past decade, I have been sewing and creating items from natural or repurposed materials for the majority of my life.


Sim Jing Hui, Juveina


Hi, I am Jing of Jing Creations SG and Just Kidding SG. I picked up Tsumami Zaiku during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker. The craft has since become my life passion.


Eva Harangozo


I am Eva Harangozo, originally from Hungary but currently living in Germany. My journey with Japanese traditional craft, specifically Tsumami Zaiku, began during my three-year stay in Japan, where I had the privilege of immersing myself in the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and traditions.




Since I was young I liked to make something by hand, I remember I often enjoyed making something at home when I was a kid.

 I was born and grew up in Tokyo,

Sumida-ku which is close to Asakusa.