ITA Teacher's Certification

ITA Official Teacher is the person who has reached the standards of the traditional techniques and is certified by ITA (International Tsumami zaiku Association).

Students who completed all three courses (Basic, Middle, and Advanced Course) can apply for the teacher certification exam.

tsumami kanzashi online school certified teacher

Examination Procedure

1.Technical review with photos

 -Creation of specified items for technical review and your original Kanzashi

 -Take the specified photos and answer questions on our evaluation sheet and send to school.

 -The evaluation sheet will be sent after application

2.Instructor's feedback

 -The instructor will fill out an evaluation sheet and send it to you via email

-If there is any item on the evaluation sheet that requires re-submission,

  you are required to make it over again, take photos of it in the same way, and resend them to us.

3. Zoom session with two instructors

 -This will be final evaluation to be a certified instructor.

If you pass the Examination,

4.Fill out a Teacher Certification Profile Form

-Your profile will be on the ITA website and Tsumami kanzashi website.

5. Join the ITA membership

Certified teachers will be required to join the ITA membership.

*No membership fee for the first year. Membership fee ($50) will be automatically extended every year.

6. The certification will be issued

 -Your certification with serial number will be issued and be sent to you as PDF data.


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