Hydrangeas that color the Japanese rainy season

We will create a transparent hydrangea kanzashi that will add color to the Japanese rainy season, using the traditional techniques of craftsmen. Habutae is used to create the transparency of the hydrangea, and many petals are assembled on top of a special base to create a three-dimensional effect. Also, note the cute flower cores and leaves!

The craftsmen's methods are the most efficient way
to make beautiful tsumami

Experience the Craftsmen's

Methods At A Special Price!

The access period for this course is one year from the date you sign up.

You Can Learn The Craftsmen's Methods

The craftsmen's methods are characterized by their ability to create beautiful tsumami zaiku quickly and in large quantities, and they choose the most efficient processes to achieve this. You can learn these methods.

Making Hydrangea Flowers

We will learn how to make hydrangea petals by using maru tsumami technique. There are tips to place them on a hemisphere base.

Making Leaves

We will learn how to make leaves by using maru tsumami technniques. There are some tips to form tsumami into leaf figure shape.

Assemble Into Kanzashi

We will learn how to assemble hemisphere figure ochirins (tsumami flowers).

Let's make beautiful tsumami zaiku together!

Welcome! I'm Tomomi Yamashita,
ITA Representative Director and Instructor

Hello! I'm Rei Furuya,
Traditional Tsumami zaiku Artist and Instructorproduct