Butterfly Ornament

Butterflies have been used as a motif for one of the historical tsumami kanzashi.

They have also been used as a pattern for kimonos because of their gracefulness,

and as a symbol of immortality because of the mysterious way they change during their growth.

It was also used as a family crest.

In This Lesson:

We will make a christmas ornament

Required Technical Level : Beginners~

You can learn : How to make a sideways butterfly using the basic techniques (maru and ken tsumami), how to make a silver thread wire and antenna of the butterfly, and finish it with a simple dyeing process.

Making The Base

Tools and materials to prepare, and step by step instruction to make the base of the ornament butterfly.

Making Tsumami

~Maru tsumami and Ken tsumami~

You can learn how to create butterfly wings using maru and ken tsumami techniques, and tips to arrange tsumami as a sideways butterfly.

Easy Dyeing

~Dyeing Wings~

You can learn the easy way of dyeing after you finished making tsumami using easy to get materials.

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