Daffodils which blossoms during the cold winter season,

when there is almost no other flower, are decorated during the New Year as a good fortune flower.

In This Lesson:

We will make a Daffodil kanzashi

Required Technical Level : Beginners level~

In Japan,daffodils are usually white with a yellow center.

It is used for Maiko's kanzashi.

Let's arrange it into a small kanzashi to enjoy your winter kimono.

Making Daffodil Flower

You will learn how to make daffodil petals by arranging maru tsumami (round shaped tsumami) and how to make center petals with a cloth.

Making Daffodil Leaves

Yow will learn how to make daffodil leaves using cords and wires. Sometimes we do not use cloths to make items for tsumami zaiku.

Arrange Into Kanzashi

You will learn how to arrange a flower into small kanzashi by using paper tape and small pin.

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